How to create the Sales by product report similar to the Shopify UI?

This guide will demonstrate how to create a table imitating the Shopify UI view. The specific table is for Sales by product -report. Path to report in the Shopify admin view: Analytics -> Reports -> Sales by product (Under Sales header).

URL for the report


  1. Choose dimensions

    1. Product title

    2. Vendor

    3. Type

  2. Choose metrics

    1. Items

    2. Gross sales

    3. Discounts

    4. Returns

    5. Net sales

    6. Tax

    7. Total sales

  3. Add two filters with OR

    1. Line item type EQUALS product

    2. Line item type EQUALS refund

Choose order by Total sales, and make the order Descending.

Shopify UI


Supermetrics in Data Studio

Dashboard view

Filters for the table

Supermetrics in Google Sheets

Dashboard view

Filters for the table

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