Cannot connect to Salesforce

If you are authenticating Salesforce for the first time, and cannot get the connector authenticated, this guide offers the first troubleshooting steps for you.

1. As a first step, please check that your account meets the general access requirements:
General Data Source Access Requirements

Which objects are supported (as access needs to be added at least for these objects):
As it currently stands, Supermetrics connector reports on the following objects:
Campaigns, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Tasks

2. Once you are certain that they are met, please re-authenticate the connector:
How to Authenticate/Re-authenticate Salesforce in Google Sheets, Google Data Studio & Microsoft Excel

3. If the issue persists after making sure that your account meets the general requirements and re-authenticating the connector, please contact your Salesforce admin and go through the following troubleshooting article with them:
Troubleshooting Permissions Issues with Salesforce

4. Look through our Salesforce FAQ for more information, perhaps you are using a part of Salesforce which not supported yet:
Salesforce FAQ

If the above steps do not help, please contact out support, mentioning that you have taken all these steps as mentioned in this guide. Provide also all the related information, such as the account you are trying to authenticate Salesforce with, the account type/level you have for Salesforce and any comments from your Salesforce admin that could help.

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