Invalid argument type error in a blended data source

This guide applies to the following error in Data Studio when users blend multiple data sources using "Date" as a joined key (note that you might need to click on "see details" to see this):

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The error message appears in the blended data source because of the new feature released from Data Studio. Data Studio has released a new Date & Time to replace the old compatibility mode Date & Time. Data sources created before September 15th, 2020 will have the compatibility Date & Time mode while data sources created after that have the new Date & Time mode. Unfortunately, the new Date & Type cannot blend with the old compatibility Date & Time. 

More information on this feature:

How to check which data source uses compatibility Date & Time mode

The compatibility Date & Time mode has the format of "Date (YYYYMMDD)":

The new Date & Time mode has a text format of only "Date":

How to solve this issue

Engaging support

If you experience the error message without using "Date" as a joined key or after you've upgraded the date field/ created a new data source, the issue still exists, please send us a new ticket for us to investigate the issue further.


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