What You Need to Know About Google Analytics 4 Properties

Google recently announced that their new Google Analytics 4 properties, which were formerly called "App + Web" properties, are now available for anyone to use. 

To go along with this, Supermetrics has also introduced into Early Access the Google Analytics 4 connector that can retrieve the data from these new properties. This connector is currently available in our Google Sheets, Excel, Data Studio, and API products, and will be added to our other products in the near future.

Great! How Do I Get Started?

New properties are now, by default, created as "Google Analytics 4" properties, and you can also upgrade original properties, called "Universal Analytics" or UA properties. This will make another copy of your original "Universal Analytics" property as a "Google Analytics 4" property, keeping the original intact. See here for more information: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/10089681#start

If you have any pre-existing "App + Web" and new "Google Analytics 4" properties, you can fetch the data from those with the new Supermetrics Google Analytics 4  connector.

Please be aware that:

  • Existing "Universal Analytics" properties are not accessable by the Google Analytics 4 connector. You will need to use our original Google Analytics connector to get data from those.
  • The original Google Analytics connector cannot access the new property type. You will need to set up new queries using the new connector in order to gather data from the "Google Analytics 4" properties.
  • If you use both types of properties, you will need separate queries for them using the correct connector for the property type.
  • The API driving the new Google Analytics 4 (Web+App) connector is still in beta, and is not as fully featured as our original Google Analytics connector. However, as Google continues to update and improve the Google Analytics 4 API, we will continue to update our integration with more options and fields as they become available over time.

What if I'm Not Ready to Switch?

No problem, you can still using your existing "Universal Analytics" properties with our original Google Analytics connector as before. You just won't be able to fetch data from "Google Analytics 4"/ "App + Web" properties under your account, or take advantage of the new features and app tracking functionality the new properties provide.

If you need to make new properties as the older type, there should be an "Show advanced options" link available, which allows you to create a "Universal Analytics" property instead, which will work with our Google Analytics connector and be compatible with your pre-existing properties.

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