Google Ads DestinationURL Field Deprecations - Oct. 29th, 2020

To align with Google Ads changes made back in July 2019, we will be marking the various "Destination URL" dimensions as deprecated in our system. These have not returned any meaningful data for some time and should have been replaced with the "Final URL" dimensions we offer instead. 

This change will take place October 29th, 2020.

On the date, the fields will be marked as deprecated and move to the appropriate section. If the fields do not already return empty results, they will be empty after October 29th. Please remove or replace the fields with the current "Final URL" dimension in your reporting.

Deprecated FieldReplace with...
Destination URLFinal URL
Keyword destination URL
Final URL
Placement destination URL
Final URL

Note that "Final URL" is a dynamic field that will return the appropriate type of Final URL based on your other field selections.

For Data Studio users - You will need to refresh your data source to get the updated field list when this happens on the 29th.

For BigQuery/Data Warehouse Users - the Standard Schema contains the fields being deprecated so we will be announcing changes to remove that separately. The replacement field "Final URL" already exists in the Standard Schema and can be used instead.

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