Facebook Ads Changing Attribution Window Settings - Oct. 12th, 2020

What is Changing?

Due to digital privacy initiatives from major browsers, Facebook has announced that to support these, they will be changing how their attribution windows work for their ads services.

Starting October 12th, Facebook will default to using the 7-day click attribution window and will phase out the 28-day click option. This will primarily affect the reporting UI/Facebook Ad Manager, as the Ads Insights API will continue as a workaround to provide the 28-day window until the browser changes go into effect.

For more information on the change, please see Facebook's announcement here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/305447457433408

How Does this Affect Supermetrics Users?

As noted above, as the API will continue to offer the 28-day click option for some time, Supermetrics will continue to be able to provide the data with the 28-day click attribution window. So it will continue to work as normal until the API also phases this out.

However, as the Ad Manager may start to report as 7-day click after October 12th, this may lead to data discrepancies if one does not adjust their queries to match. For example, if you continue to use the 28-day click, 1-day view attribution default Supermetrics offers, the conversion metrics shown in our products will not align with the 7-day click data shown in the Facebook Ad Manager. See also: Facebook Ads Discrepancies Due to Conversion Windows

To avoid issues, especially once the 28-day click attribution window setting is no longer available in the Facebook Ad Manager, you may want to update your queries to use one of the 7-day click options instead to align with the Ad Manager settings.

We will also be assessing when we will switch our own default away from 28-day click and will announce that change in the near future.

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