LinkedIn Ads 'Account total Budget' Field Deprecation - Oct. 30th, 2020

LinkedIn has announced that "Total Budget" will no longer be supported at the account level and the field will be deprecated in the API on October 30th, 2020. Instead, they ask that you get the budget from the Campaign Group, which is a field that Supermetrics supports as "Campaign group total budget".

So to align with the API change, we will mark "Account total Budget" to be sunset on October 30th, after which the field will return empty data. We recommend you replace the field with "Campaign group total budget", which is already live so you can make the change right away.

Deprecated Field
Replace with...
Account total BudgetCampaign group total budget

For Data Studio users - You will need to refresh your data source to get the updated field list when this happens on the 30th.

For BigQuery/Data Warehouse Users - the Standard Schema contains the field "Account total Budget" so we will be announcing changes to remove/replace that separately.

For more information on the change, please see:

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