Creating a data transfer: Filling Instructions

This guide contains instructions for filling in the Transfer configuration fields when creating a new data transfer.

1. Display name: The display name of the data transfer that will be used to distinguish the one you are creating from other transfers.

2. Destination

3. Schedule

  • Frequency: How often the transfer will be repeated. If you select the Daily option, new data will be added once a day.
  • Time: The time when the transfer will be repeated.
  • Refresh window: How many days worth of historical data (backwards from the latest run date) will be refreshed.

4. Schema: Set of tables included in one transfer. You can use pre-defined extraction schemas or design your own by using the Query Manager (How to create a custom schema).

5. Sources: The data source logins that provide access for our system to extract, process and load your data (General data source access requirements). You can authenticate multiple different logins.

6. Accounts: The left-hand side menu contains all ad accounts / views / profiles you have access to. The right-hand side lists the account objects that have been selected to be used in the data transfer.

7. General Settings: Various settings that are specific to the selected data source. The example screenshot below contains the settings for a Facebook Ads data transfer. These settings impact all tables in the transfer.

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