**RESOLVED** Data Studio - Unknown Data Source Issue - August, 10th 2020 and September 17th 2020

** UPDATE 2020-09-18 10:30 EEST ** 

This issue was caused by a change Google made with Data Studio on the 17th of September. This means that data sources created around this date may need to be recreated. 

If you see these errors with your data source, please create a new one from scratch and it should resolve the error. 

** UPDATE 2020-09-17 18:40 EEST **

We have identified a possible cause for this and implemented a fix. Please try create your data source again and if you still experience any errors, contact us at support.supermetrics.com for further investigation. 

We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. 

**UPDATE 2020-09-17 10:00 EEST**

We have been made aware that Supermetrics users are seeing the following error: "Unknown data source: The data source associated with this component could not be found". This error appears only for new data sources being added to Data Studio, and it does not happen for all users of Supermetrics. Some users have also reported that if an existing data source is modified, the metrics and dimensions on the field list disappear and can't be retrieved anymore. 

We are investigating the cause for these errors and will update you as soon as we have more information to share. 

We are very sorry about this inconvenience.


**UPDATE 2020-08-24 10:45 EEST**

Google announced that the issue causing "Unknown Data Source" error has been identified and they should have a fix for all users releazed next week.

In the meantime, they suggest a temporary fix that should solve the problem:

  • Open Data Studio;
  • create a new report;
  • add the Sheets connector;
  • and complete the oAuth flow for the Sheets connector. 

Please, continue following this Google's bug report for more information.

We will hopefully share one last update once the fix is announced. We appreciate you being patient while waiting for the resolution and apologize for the ongoing inconvenience.


**UPDATE 2020-08-19 08:30 EEST**

As of August, 18th 2020, Google commented on the issue saying that they are unsure about the root cause of the problem, and therefore they unfortunately can't provide any estimates at the moment. To help them investigate, Google requested people affected by this error to grant data-studio-help@google.com edit access to a datasource that isn't working. 

If you are experiencing "Unknown data source" issue, please share the link to the corresponding data source in the comment thread under this bug report and don't forget to upvote the issue if you haven't done this yet.

Our team is very appreciative of your patience with this ongoing matter. We will update this article once again as soon as we have any news to share.


**UPDATE 2020-08-18 09:55 EEST**

Unfortunately, the fix announced by Google earlier last week didn't solve the problem, and many people keep encountering the same error. You can find more information from this Google's bug report. We encourage you to upvote the issue to attract even more attention to this issue.

Once again, we are sincerely sorry for the ongoing inconvenience. We will keep you posted on the news as soon as we know more about this issue.


**UPDATE 2020-08-14 15:30 EEST**

According to Google's announcement the issue with Data Studio reports should be fixed now. For more information, please refer to the following bug report.

Please, refresh your dashboards to make sure the error is gone. If the issue persists, please feel free to report back to us immediately.

Our sincerest apologies for all the inconvenience caused by this issue


**UPDATE 2020-08-14 10:30 EEST**

According to Google’s bug report they’ve rolled back a release that was causing issues with Data Studio reports. More information can be found from here.

We kindly ask you to try and refresh your dashboard(s) to see if the issue persists and let us know in case you see any more errors.


**UPDATE 2020-08-13 11:45 EEST**

As of August, 12th 2020 Google confirmed that the original error message is wrong and should in fact appear as follows: 

"The data source no longer has access to the underlying data set. Please contact the data source owner to fix it."

For more information, please check the following issue report from Google. We encourage you to report this issue, as Google’s representative has requested customers experiencing this issue to post on this thread, to help them investigate this matter further.

Our investigation led us to believe that the following error appears when there is an attempt to blend data. Once the blend is removed, the data source seems to be acting as usual.

We will update this article once we have any news to share. We apologize for the disruptions this has been causing and thank you for your patience.


We have discovered an issue with Data Studio that causes most recently added data sources to fail when pulling data. Affected users may see errors like this:

"Unknown data source: The data source associated with this component could not be loaded.

We were not able to find the data source associated with this component. This can happen when a data source is deleted."

During our investigations it was noticed that this issue seems to originate from Google's side, and the users of non-Supermetrics connectors are seeing this error message as well: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/162829616. You can help Google solve this quicker by using the "Vote" button to bring attention to this issue. From our end, we will do our best to try and find a workaround for Supermetrics users. 

We will update the article with more information as soon as we have any news to share. Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience the following issue may be causing you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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