Google Ad Manager Field Deprecations / API Upgrade - July 22, 2020

**UPDATE July 22, 2020** 

Due to some issues, we were not able to deploy the new fields and changes as originally planned. Please see this new article regarding the latest information and new date of July 29th, 2020. The deprecations noted in this guide still took place as planned.

In preparation for the API upgrade to version v201911, we will be marking fields as deprecated that no longer exist in that version, as well as adding and changing some fields that are now available.

This change will happen on July 22, 2020. 

These fields will be marked as deprecated and will no longer return values as of July 22nd. There are no replacements for these, please remove them from your reporting.

  • All salespeople ID
  • All salespeople
  • Average revenue per visitor
  • Forecasted volume of the ProposalLineItem
  • Rate card ID
  • Rate card
  • Unified volume of the ProposalLineItem
  • Unreconciled volume of the ProposalLineItem

(Note - this was moved to July 29th)

These new fields will be introduced on the 22nd:

  • Total reach impressions
  • Total Active View eligible impressions
  • Total Active View measurable impressions
  • Total Active View viewable impressions
  • Total Active View % measurable impressions
  • Total Active View % viewable impressions

(Note - this was moved to July 29th and has other changes)

And finally, the following metrics are being updated to use the current value from "Total unique visitors", which should correct some data accuracy issues. No changes should be needed to use these, they will keep their current names in Supermetrics products:

  • Unique visitors
  • Average impressions per visitor

For Data Studio users - You will need to refresh your data source to get the updated field list when this happens on the 22nd.

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