Salesforce: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This article will list the most frequently asked questions about the Supermetrics Salesforce connector, that do not require a support article of their own.

Is Marketing Cloud / Social Studio data available for Salesforce?

We do not support Social Studio yet.
Marketing Cloud is now available for Early Access on your Sheets or Excel sidebar.
For Data Studio, use this link:

Which objects are supported?
As it currently stands, Supermetrics connector reports on the following objects:
Accounts, Campaigns, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Tasks and their custom fields.

Does Supermetrics support custom fields / custom objects?

Custom objects: No

Custom fields:    Yes

If the users permissions are set up right on the Salesforce side, the custom fields will appear in the metric/dimension lists through the connector.
NOTE: If the custom fields have been created for custom objects, then they will not appear, as custom objects are not supported.

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