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Major Shopify Updates - May 11th 2020

To address the concerns users have had about our Shopify early access connector, we have had to make some major changes to the connector to improve fetching speed and reliability. This new version has been deployed today, May 11th at about 18:30 EEST. 

Below are the changes being made and how they may impact your existing queries, if you had been using the prior early access version.

One of the changes was to swap APIs - this sadly has the affect that some fields have become unsupported, either due to not existing in that API or needing additional measures to fetch. The list below will be marked as deprecated for now and will return a blank value in the new version. We will be looking to try to replace or re-enable these as soon as possible:

  • SEO Description
  • SEO Title
  • Online Store URL
  • Product URL
  • Product preview URL
  • Landing page text
  • Referral code
  • Referral information
  • Referrer host
  • Referrer name
  • Referrer source
  • Cash flow

"Customer order count" has been replaced by "Order count".

Another important change is that we will be caching older data long-term and will have an import/update system to pre-load and update data so it can be fetched very quickly. This functionality should be live now (2020-05-15).

Please test the new connector and let us know what you think! Any feedback or issues should be submitted through the Support ticket system.

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