How to Authenticate/Re-authenticate Google BigQuery in Google Sheets & Google Data Studio

This guide gives instructions on how to successfully authenticate Google BigQuery. Please note that this data source is available only with Google Sheets and not yet with Microsoft Excel. We also offer this connector with Data Studio but only as part of BigQuery license or BigQuery trial account. 

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Google Sheets

Data Studio

"If everything fails..." 

Data Source Access Requirements:

Before authenticating the connector, please make sure you have gone through the rights and permissions required for this data source. To learn more, please refer to these guides:

Access requirements for user account:

For Dataset, you will need both BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery User role levels.

For Project, you will need only a BigQuery User role level. 

  • BiqQuery Data Viewer
    When applied to a dataset, this role provides permissions to:
    • Read the dataset's metadata and list tables in the dataset.
    • Read data and metadata from the dataset's tables.
  • BigQuery User
    Provides permissions to run jobs, including queries, within the project. The user role can enumerate their own jobs, cancel their own jobs, and enumerate datasets within a project. Additionally, allows the creation of new datasets within the project; the creator is granted the BigQuery Data Owner role for these new datasets.

Authenticating with Google Sheets

This guide assumes that you have already installed the Supermetrics add-on for Google Sheets. If you haven't installed the add-on yet, see First steps: Getting the Supermetrics Sidebar in Google Sheets.

To authenticate Google BigQuery in Google Sheets, please do the following steps:

1. Open up the Supermetrics sidebar in your Google Sheets. 

2. Select Google BigQuery in the sidebar, under data source. 

3. Choose an account to sign in. 

4. Click on allow. If you wish to learn more about data security, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

5.  You have completed all the authentication steps. Now you can see the user account you logged in with, under Data Source.

Re-authenticating with Google Sheets:

To re-authenticate Google BigQuery in Google Sheets, please go to this guide.

Authenticating with Data Studio:

To authenticate Google BigQuery in Google Data Studio, please do the following steps:

1. Click on add data.

2. Search for Google BigQuery by Supermetrics and click on it.

3. Select BigQuery dataset. 

4. Choose the field list type. If you are working with a dataset with lots of tables and fields, this setting will simplify the field list to include only fields that are common to multiple data sources.

You can choose between:

  • Full field list - shows all columns from your tables in BigQuery.
  • Simplified field list - shows each unique field name just once, if it's present in multiple tables. 
  • Simplified list with join fields only - shows only the fields that are available for multiple data sources. 

5. Click on add on the bottom right side to continue. 

6. As a final step, click on add to report

Re-authenticating with Data Studio:

To re-authenticate Google BigQUery in Data Studio, please go to this guide.

"If everything fails..." 

Common errors:

If you encounter any of the following errors below, please see the guide linked after the error message.

  • Error: "Authentication failed" & "You need to re-authenticate at X and then run the query again.", please see this guide
  • Error: "This was a reauthorization request for user X but logged in as user Y", please see this guide
  • Error: "You're not allowed to run queries with this license #12345. This is because you have not been assigned to the license as a valid user." please see this guide.
  • Error: "This action is not supported when you are signed into multiple accounts". please see this guide.
  • If you no longer see a specific account/page/etc. when logging in, please see this guide
  • If you haven't managed to authenticate you might be affected by an issue at Google account management. For more information, please see this guide.

Forcing a refresh per account data & removing a data source:

To force a refresh per data source, please see this guide.

To remove a data source from Google Sheets, please see this guide.

To remove a data source from Data Studio, please see this guide.

To remove a data source from Excel, please see this guide.

Further assistance 

If you followed all the above steps and you still encounter an authentication error, please create a new support request with the details of the issue and we will assist you.

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