Upload CSV files from your Google Drive to Google Sheets with Custom JSON/CSV

To set up a CSV file upload from your Google Drive into Google Sheets, please follow the steps below:

- The CSV file should only contain comma separated data, with the field headers as the first values, and the data in field matching order after that. If you would open the file in Google Drive preview, it would render into columns like this:

..and when opened in Excel, it would look something like this:

- When using Google Drive as the source of the CSV file, you only need to give Supermetrics the link that can be obtained when "Link sharing" has been enabled:

The link needs to be inserted into the "Type URL" input box in the connector configuration:


- Please make sure that the following setting has been enabled for the link sharing:

The organization-specific sharing options won't work, as we want to avoid asking users to give Supermetrics full access to their Drive.

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