Snapchat Marketing Updates Feb. 2020


The metric "Spend" has been renamed to "Cost". 

The following currency conversion metrics have been added:

  • Cost (EUR)
  • Cost (USD)
  • Cost (GBP)

The following dimension has been added:

  • Campaign lifetime spend cap

The following conversion metrics have been added:

  • Purchases swipe up
  • Purchases view
  • Save swipe up
  • Save view
  • Started checkouts swipe up
  • Started checkouts view
  • Add to cart swipe up
  • Add to cart view
  • Content views swipe up
  • Content views view
  • Add billing swipe up
  • Add billing view
  • Sign ups swipe up
  • Sign ups view
  • Searches swipe up
  • Searches view
  • Level complete swipe up
  • Level complete view
  • App opens swipe up
  • App opens view
  • Page views swipe up
  • Page views view
  • Purchases value swipe up
  • Purchases value view
  • Achievement unlocked

In addition, there is an optional setting to control what attribution window is used for the query.

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