Twitter Ads Updates Feb. 2020


Connectors have been updated to use API version 6.


The following fields have be deprecated as the Twitter API no longer supports them. Please remove the fields from your reporting as they will now return "null":

  • Audience type
  • Interaction type
  • Audience name
  • Source of audience data
  • Audience category
  • Percentage
  • Match rate

The following fields have been renamed:

  • Week (Mon-Sun)              => Week (Sun-Sat)
  • Day of week                      => Day of week (Sun-Sat)
  • Year & week (Mon-Sun) => Year & week (Sun-Sat)

The following fields have been added:

  • Week (Mon-Sun)
  • Year of week (Sun-Sat)
  • Year of week (Mon-Sun)
  • Year & week (Mon-Sun)
  • Day of week (Mon-Sun)
  • Quarter
  • Tweet source
  • Tweet scheduled status
  • Tweet scheduled at
  • Tweet language
  • Tweet hashtags
  • Tweet symbols
  • Tweet user mentions

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