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Display Name Field Changes for LinkedIn Company Pages Feb 2020

We are making some changes to the display names of some fields for our LinkedIn Company Pages connector in Data Studio. We received feedback that the current naming convention used with some fields was confusing, so we wanted to rename those to clarify what they are. We will also be deprecating some fields that are now redundant or are no longer available.

This change unfortunately may break some existing queries and formulas using the older names in Data Studio, and will require those queries to be edited to use the newer names. Those fields which are being deprecated should be either updated to use their new version or removed completely.

This will take effect on February 18th, 2020. Different products may have different changes, so please check the appropriate table.

The following field display name changes affect Data Studio ONLY - they are already correct in other products and should not change in those:

Current Display NameNew Display Name After Update
IDUpdate ID
Update title
Content textUpdate content text
Share media categoryUpdate share media category
DescriptionUpdate description
Update URL
Outbound URL
Update outbound URL
Submitted image URLUpdate submitted image URL
Source share IDUpdate source share ID
VisibilityUpdate visibility
KeyUpdate key
First level commentsUpdate first level comments

The following field deprecations affect all products:

Deprecated Field NameUse Instead...
Update source nameNo replacement - remove
Update likes
Use "Likes"
Update comments
Use "Comments"
Thumbnail URL
No replacement - remove
Type code
No replacement - remove
No replacement - remove
No replacement - remove
No replacement - remove

When the changes take place on Feb 18th, 2020, please make sure you update your queries and formulas as needed to work with the new field names. For Data Studio, you will need to refresh your data source field list per How do I Refresh Fields/Update a Connector?

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