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"Spend" Field Rename for Pinterest Ads Feb 2020

We are making a change to the name of the "Spend" metric in Pinterest Ads while it is still in Early Access, in order to have the naming align our other connectors for a more consistent experience. We are also adding the basic currency conversion metrics for this field at the same time.

This will take effect on February 18th, 2020.

This change unfortunately will break some existing queries and formulas using the older name, and will require those queries to be edited to use the newer name. We apologize for the disruption this change may cause for users, but this seemed like the best time to do this adjustment while the connector is still Early Access and not as widely used.

The following field is changing it's backend and display name, which will require that all reporting using the original name be updated to use the new name:

Current Display NameCurrent Backend NameNew Display Name After UpdateNew Backend Name After Update

The following fields will be added at the same time:

Field Display NameBackend Name
Cost (EUR)cost_eur
Cost (USD)cost_usd
Cost (GBP)cost_gbp

When the changes take place on Feb 18th, 2020, please make sure you update your queries and formulas as needed to work with the new field names. For Data Studio, you will need to refresh your data source field list per How do I Refresh Fields/Update a Connector?

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