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How to Upgrade Individual Data Studio Licenses to Pro/Super Pro

This guide will explain what you need to do if you have out-grown your Data Studio individual connector licenses and need to upgrade to a Pro or Super Pro package.

As there is no way to directly convert the individual licenses into one single Pro or Super Pro license, you will need to deactivate the current individual licenses and then purchase the Pro or Super Pro license under the same user team.

First - make sure your individual licenses have auto-renewal turned off so we don't continue to charge for those: How Do I Enable/Disable Auto-Renewal?

Second - purchase the new Pro/Super Pro Data Studio license. The easiest way is right from within Team Management as it will be assigned to your active team (see Purchasing New Licenses). You can also purchase the license from the website.

Third - assign your Data Studio users to your brand new Pro/Super Pro license: How to Assign Users to Your Data Studio License

That's it! If you purchased the license under the same team as your individual ones, the reports should seamlessly transfer to using the new license.

If you have any issues with the process or want to upgrade but still have significant time left on your individual license(s), please submit a request to Supermetrics Support for additional assistance.

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