Google Data Studio - This Was a Reauthorization Request for User X But You Logged in as User Y

This guide applies to the following error that may happen to any data source in Data Studio:

This was a  reauthorization request for user account xxxxxxx but you logged in as UserName (yyyyyyyy) instead. This authentication was not stored, please try again.

To address it, you should log in to the original data source account that is used to build this query. In case you don't have access to that specific user account, please address to the person who has originally authenticated.

If and only the error persists, please completely log all users out of the data source (including any and all teams):

How Can I Remove My Account From the Data Studio Connectors?

And then log back in with the account you wanted to use going forward.

This may possibly also come up in cases where the authentication was changed for the Data Source in a significant way (such as moving major API versions or changing how the user name is stored).

In some rare cases, you may need to revoke the connector as well, and then reconnect that and log back in. For instructions on how to revoke a connector, see "Revoke your access" in this article:

You can then reselect the connector from the partner list and re-authorize it, which should also ask you to log in again.

Further suggestions

If you still encounter the same error, please log out all users from Google in your browser except for the one account you need to use for your license. Please make sure to be logged in with one Google account only. Alternatively, if logging out all users is a hassle, please do the same steps via Incognito/private browsing. 

Further assistance 

If you continue to have issues after trying the above actions, please submit a request to support so they can manually remove your tokens to reset this. Please note in the request that you already completed the steps in the article.

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