Data Studio: "You're Not Allowed to Run Queries With This License"

Data Studio licenses have a restriction on the number of team members that can be assigned to use it. This means that you may need to update your user assignment (and possibly update allowed user amounts in your license) in Team Management to ensure the correct users have access.

In case you are interested in a larger user amount package, please reach out to so they can work with you to meet your needs.

Adding/Changing Assigned Users to Your Licnese

If you see the following error when trying to use Data Studio, your Google account has not been added to the license: "You're not allowed to run queries with this license #12345. This is because you have not been assigned to the license as a valid user."

Please follow the instructions in How to Assign Users to Your Data Studio License to assign the user ID in the error message to the license as a user.

Any user accounts removed will no longer be able to use the license and they will get the error shown above if they try to continue to use Supermetrics for Data Studio.

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