How to Connect to Searchmetrics

To connect Supermetrics to Searchmetrics, you will need to set up API credentials for your Searchmetrics account. This will create a API Key and API Secret you will use to log in.

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Before You Begin

This connector requires that you have a valid Searchmetrics account with export credits available to make requests with.

Each request using these keys will cost export credits from your account to make the API call, even when just testing queries. Best practice is to make your test queries small until you are sure it works, so you use up minimal amounts of credits, then you can expand to the full query. The details about what certain kinds of requests cost can be found in the Searchmetrics API documentation.

This process will generate keys that are basically user credentials to access your Searchmetrics data and use your account credits. Protect the keys like you would a password!

Step #1 - Getting Your API Key and API Secret

This section guides you through requesting the API access keys for your account.

  1. Log into your Searchmetrics account (
  2. Click Settings->My API.

    Orange arrow points "Settings" menu option to "My API" section

  3. Click create new API key at the bottom of the list.

    Orange arrow points to button with green plus-sign to "crate new API key" for Searchmetrics API

  4. This will generate a new key into the list with both the "API key" and the "Shared Secret" (aka API Secret) values, as well as the available credit count.

    Orange boxes highlight the "API Key" and "Shared Secret" (also called API Secret) values that will be needed to make the connection with Supermetrics

  5. Keep these values handy and proceed to the next section to connect Supermetrics.

(For more information about the API keys, see

Step #2 - Connecting Supermetrics to Searchmetrics

Once you have completed setting up your API Key and API Secret, you can now connect Supermetrics to your Searchmetrics data.

  1. Open your Supermetrics product and click on the Searchmetrics data source.
  2. A new window should open asking you for the two parts for authentication that you obtained at the end of setting up you API keys: API Key and API Secret. Fill those and click START to continue with the authentication process.

    Example authentication form for Supermetrics showing the 2 needed fields to connect to your Searchmetrics data.

  3. Once the credentials are validated, click Create to finalize the connection.

    Orange arrow points to blue "CREATE" button to complete creating the connection to Searchmetrics

  4. You are now ready to create queries with the Searchmetrics connector!

Further Assistance

If you have issues with the Supermetrics connection part of the process, please create a new support request with the details of the issue and we will assist you.

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