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Date Field Changes for Twitter Ads Feb 2020

We are making some changes to how some of the date-based fields in Twitter Ads behave, in order to have them align with names and behaviors of our other connectors, for a more consistent experience. This may mean that some week fields you are using will change behavior from ISO Week standard (weeks start on Monday) to US Week standard (weeks start on Sunday), and this may break reporting. We will also be adding new fields with the ISO Week behavior so that you can still have access to those.

This will take effect on February 11th, 2020.

The following fields are changing behavior to use US Week standard (week begins on Sunday) and will be renamed accordingly:

Current Display NameBackend NameNew Display Name After Update
Week (Mon-Sun)weekWeek (Sun-Sat)
Day of weekdayOfWeekWithNameDay of week (Sun-Sat)
Year & week (Mon-Sun)yearweakYear & week (Sun-Sat)

The following fields will be added at the same time, including the replacement ISO Week fields:

Field Display NameBackend Name
Week (Mon-Sun)weekIso
Year of week (Sun-Sat)yearOfWeek
Year of week (Mon-Sun)yearOfWeekIso
Year & week (Mon-Sun)yearWeekIso
Day of week (Mon-Sun)dayOfWeekNameIso

If you were using one of the three changing fields and either need the week to start on Monday or had relied on the naming for formulas, you will need to update your reporting to use the new names/fields. Otherwise you may get unexpected results when it calculates Sunday to Saturday after the change.

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