Facebook Ads Updates Aug. 2019


We have updated the connectors to use Marketing Graph API v3.3.


The following fields have been added:

  • Unique web adds to cart
  • Unique web content views
  • Unique web purchases
  • Unique desktop adds to cart
  • Unique desktop content views
  • Unique desktop purchases
  • Unique web app events
  • Unique web app adds to cart
  • Unique web app content views
  • Unique web app purchases
  • Unique mobile app retentions
  • Unique mobile app ROAS
  • Unique website conversions
  • Unique website engagements
  • Unique page stories engagements
  • Unique instagram profile engagements
  • Unique post stories engagements
  • Unique conversions
  • Unique adds to cart
  • Unique store visits with dwell
  • Unique completed registrations
  • Unique purchases
  • Unique searches
  • Unique content views
  • Unique initiated checkouts
  • Unique payment info adds
  • Unique adds to wishlist
  • Unique leads
  • Unique subscribes
  • Unique Omni app installs
  • Unique Omni purchases
  • Unique Omni adds to cart
  • Unique Omni completed registrations
  • Unique Omni content views
  • Unique Omni searches
  • Unique Omni initiated checkout
  • Unique Omni achievement unlocked
  • Unique Omni app activations
  • Unique Omni level achieves
  • Unique Omni rates
  • Unique Omni credit spends
  • Unique Omni completed tutorials
  • Unique Omni custom actions
  • Page subscribes
  • Credits spent conversion value
  • New messaging conversations within 7 days
  • Mobile app checkouts conversion value

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