LinkedIn Ads Failure: The Request Returns Too Much Data

This guide applies to the following error from LinkedIn Ads connectors:

Error: LinkedIn Ads failure (The request returns too much data. Try reducing the amount of data returned by requesting fewer metrics, or by batching with a smaller date range or number of search entities.)

This error is caused by a known issue in the LinkedIn Ads API, which has been reported to LinkedIn and they are working to address.

To help workaround it in Supermetrics we are implementing some batching logic, to try to do as the error message notes, but this may not help in all instances of the error. If you still get the error, please take steps to simplify it:

  • Reduce the number of metrics and dimensions being requested in a single request, break them out into smaller separate queries.
  • Shorten the date range more.
  • Simplify or remove filtering to reduce the number of subqueries required.
  • Request data for only one account at a time, if currently getting multiple at once.

Unfortunately, outside these steps to reduce your query size, there's not much else that can be done to fix the error until LinkedIn's development team can resolve the underlying cause. We apologize for the issue and hope to hear from LinkedIn soon about a fix.

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