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Facebook Ads Field Deprecation July/Aug 2019

In preparation for the upgrade for the Marketing Graph API v3.3, the follow field will be marked as "deprecated" and will no longer return data as of August 8th, 2019.

  • Messaging replies

This field has been removed from the Facebook Ads API in the version we are moving to, and will be replaced with a similar metric based on the guidelines from Facebook:

  • Messaging reply rate

The "Messaging reply rate" field is actually a calculation based on the new "Messaging conversations started" metric we are also adding, with a percentage of the conversations that had a reply. This means it is not the same data type and cannot be used exactly the same as the original field, but should provide a similar view into the reply amounts. 

Please update your reporting accordingly to remove this field in preparation of the API change to prevent disruptions. If you do use the new "Messaging reply rate" field, please be aware that it is a percent and you may need to adjust any formulas.

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