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How to Create an OAuth Client for Amazon Ads Access

In order to use the Amazon Ads (Vendor Central) connector for Supermetrics, you will need to setup a developer account so you can obtain the necessary credentials (client ID and client secret). You will then use these credentials in the Supermetrics connector so that we access the API on your behalf to get your data. This article will cover the different steps necessary to set up your developer account and use that to connect through Supermetrics.

Step #1 - Set Up Developer Account and Register New Application

Follow the 4 steps in this guide from Amazon to log into the developer console and set up a new application for your account:

Once your application exists (will appear in the menu on the left), click on it and check the Web Settings section. You will need to edit this and add the following value to the "Allowed Return URLs" section:


Blue box highlights the "Allowed Return URLs" required to make supermetrics access work for this

Take note of the Client ID and Client Secret values as you will need those at a later point (you can always retrieve those in the developer console at any time).

Step #2 - Request API Access

Once your application is set up, you will need to request API access from Amazon so that we can access your data. The sign-up form is here:

Due to Amazon's policies that discourage given access to reporting tools like Supermetrics, we recommend you only state that you need access to your advertising data through the API for your own reporting purposes. If you mention reporting solutions, there may be a higher chance your application is rejected. This access is for you to access your own data.

Once the form is submitted, wait until Amazon sends you the email confirmation that they approved your access. The email may also contain other steps you need to take, so please check that carefully.

Step #3 - Connecting Supermetrics to Amazon Ads

WARNING - Do not proceed with these steps until Amazon has approved your API access, else this won't work properly.  Make sure you have received the confirmation email for API access and have taken any additional steps required for access from their onboarding email.

  1. Open your Supermetrics product and click on the Amazon Ads (Vendor Central) data source.
  2. A new window will open up asking you for your Client ID and Client Secret (which you can get from your application settings as noted in Step #1). Fill those in and click Start.
  3. Example login screen for using your "Client ID" and "Client Secret" to access Amazon Ads (Vendor Central)
  4. Once the credentials are validated, click Create to finalize the connection.
  5. You are now ready to create queries against Amazon Ads (Vendor Central)!

Further Assistance

If you have issues with the Supermetrics connection part of the process, please create a new support request with the details of the issue and we will assist you.


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