One of the Selected Locations Does Not Exist Anymore or You Do Not Have Access to It

This guide applies to the following error for the Google My Business connector:

Error: Google My Business failure (One of the selected locations does not exist anymore or you do not have access to it. (ID: xxx_xx))

This error can appear if a location you were using as part of your query configuration is no longer accessable. This can be caused by expired credentials, the location being removed or renamed in Google My Business, or that your user rights had been removed.

First, to rule out expired credentials as the cause, re-authenticate the connector following the appropriate instructions for your product:

This step also should cause the location list to update, so if the location was actually removed or renamed, the list should now match the current state of things. Check the location drop-down and make sure the proper locations are selected for your query.

If the re-authentication steps did not resolve the issue, please contact your Google My Business administrator for additional assistance. The "ID:" value in the error is the ID of the location, so the administrator should be able to verify that location is active and make sure your Google account has access to it.

For Data Studio only: If you have used the "Allow select locations to be modified in the report" option, you may need to disable those temporarily as they can hold the value of the missing/invalid location and continue the error.

Orange box highlighting optional settings to allow the location list to be changed in the report directly

Once you have verified the error is gone from the report, then you can re-enable these.

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