Discrepancies in MailChimp's Own Reporting UI

In some cases, the reporting UI in MailChimp itself may display discrepancies when compared to the API results, which can appear like an issue with Supermetrics when it is actually not.

To verify the true value of a metric, you may need to drill-down further into the MailChimp UI and sum the values. Below is an example that shows this in action.

Let's say this is the results for unique clicks given by the Supermetrics for Data Studio MailChimp connector:

Example query in Data Studio showing unique clicks highlighted from MailChimp - the value is "17" for the "Youtube Module" campaign

And this is the value seen in the summary report area for this campaign in MailChimps reporting UI:

Clicks value highlighted from MailChimp Reporting - the value is "14" for the "Youtube Module" campaign

This doesn't seem to align, and in fact, if Clicks shown here is "non-unique", how could there be more Unique Clicks that non-Unique? It looks like a discrepancy, but let's dig further by opening the report for the campaign.

Inside the report, it also gives the same value for Clicks - if you then click on the number, this will drill-down into the specifics that make up that value.

Drilling into the report in MailChimp, the Clicked value shows "14" as well.

Now this section has a specific metric for Unique Clicks and if you add the values for the different URLs in the campaign mail under that heading, it adds up to 17. This is what Supermetrics is actually getting from the MailChimp API for this metric:

Deeper down into the report, the "Unique clicks" actually totals to "17", which matches Supermetrics value for the metric

You'll also note the Total Clicks value is also different than reported in the UI.

The moral of the story is don't trust the MailChimp UI 100% - if you see discrepancies with Supermetrics, dig down to the details in the report to find the true values for the metrics, as the UI itself can be inconsistent.

If you do dig down and find that the values there are not matching Supermetrics' returned value either, then please submit a Support request with the following details:

  • A screenshot showing the incorrect value in the Supermetrics product.
  • A screenshot showing the configuration of the Supermetrics query (or query ID for Sheets or a link to the report itself).
  • A screenshot of the value in the MailChimp reporting UI that shows the discrepancies (make sure this is of deeper level results and not the summary, as we know from above that can be wrong).

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