How Can I Renew/Extend My License?

If you purchased your license with Stripe you can easily extend or renew your license from within the Team Management site using the instructions below. If you purchased with an invoice/bank transfer originally and want to continue to use that method, then please contact support for assistance.

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Renewing/Extending Your License

NOTE: Only "Admin" and "Owner" roles can manage and renew licenses. "Editors" will not be able to see or interact with these options. You can also only renew paid licenses for most products, you cannot renew trial licenses.

  1. Log into the Team Management site with your Google or Microsoft user account associated with your license:
  2. Under the LICENSES tab, find the "paid" license you wish to extend or "expired" license you wish to renew.
  3. Click Manage to see the license details. 
  4. Check under Details for the option to extend:
    • If the license is active and has auto-renewal enabled, you generally don't need to do anything. It will renew itself automatically.
    • Otherwise, you can turn on auto-renewal to Extend the license automatically each period. 
      If expired, the license will have an additional button to Buy new
  5. Click the button Buy new to start the manual renew process. A dialog with the purchase page will appear. 
  6. Check to make sure the correct user is assigned (if relevant), that the correct subscription time is set, and that any details that needed to change are updated (credit card change, new billing address, new buyer email, etc.).
  7. Complete the purchase with your chosen payment method to finish the renewal/extension.
  8. When the payment process is complete, the license should update with its new expiration date and new invoice will be added to billing (note that it sometimes take a few moments to update).

IMPORTANT: Please, note that by renewing your subscription manually you agree to our current pricing model. 

Common Issues/Additional Help

I Don't See or Cannot Click the Button to Buy new

This means that you are not an "Owner" or "Admin" role on this team. Please contact your teammate with the appropriate role for more help (see also: Changing User Roles). If the "Owner" role account is no longer available to assist you (left company, invalid account, etc.), please submit a support request for help.

It may also mean you are trying to renew a "trial license", which cannot be done and thus doesn't have these options. You will need to purchase a paid license.

Licenses purchased

  • before the 28th of March 2021 for Google Sheets and Data Studio
  • before the 15th of June 2021 for Microsoft Excel

won't have the renew option, if your licenses have expired, please refer to How to purchase a new license to purchase a new license. 

I Wish to Switch Payment Methods With My Renewal

You should be able to change between payment methods in the purchase form that appears after clicking the Buy new button. If you were using PayPal with Auto-renewal and want to switch to credit card, you will need to manually disable the subscription in PayPal so that we don't continue to charge you with PayPal. If you want to switch to bank transfer, see the section below for this. Please, note that the new pricing will apply when you switch from one payment method to another.

I Wish to Change My Credit Card

You will have the option use a different card in the purchase page when using Stripe as the payment method.

I Cannot Find My License

You may be looking at the wrong team. See if there are other teams you can switch to in the upper right corner and check of those have your license.

You may also be looking at the wrong license filter - if the license has already expired, it will now be in the "Expired" section:

If you still are unable to locate your license, please submit a support request for help and include the payer email or last transaction ID so we can locate your license.

I Want to Pay By Bank Transfer Instead

Note that the invoice option is limited to larger enterprise license packages. Please submit a support request for a customised quotation from our sales team. 

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