CSV Table Encountered Too Many Errors, Giving Up

This guide applies to the following BigQuery error:

Error while reading data, error message: CSV table encountered too many errors, giving up. Rows: 60; errors: 1. Please look into the errors[] collection for more details.; JobID: <123456789>

IMPORTANT - Only project administrators can run these steps! If you do not have enough rights, please ask your project administrator to do this for you.

  1. Go to https://console.cloud.google.com/bigquery and open the Transfers section.
  2. Click on the transfer with the issue you want to investigate.
  3. Under RUN HISTORY, find the error. The CSV table error will contain a JobID value. Copy this for the next steps.

  4. Click on the icon in the upper-right to open the Cloud Shell terminal.

  5. Type the command, where <jobID> is the ID you copied from the error message, and press ENTER:

    bq show -j <jobID>

  6. The full error will load for that job ID. Copy this portion and send the text to support for further analysis.

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