How Does Licensing Work for Supermetrics for BigQuery?

The licensing for Supermetrics for BigQuery is a "team license" which means other Google accounts that are a member of your Supermetrics team can use the license in the BigQuery Project it is associated with. It is set up to so that you have to purchase one license per Data Source, per BigQuery project, and only one license of each data source type can exist on one team at a time.

Some examples:

If you have one BigQuery project and want to transfer only Facebook Ads data - you need one license for the Facebook Ads data connector.

If you have one BigQuery project and want to transfer Facebook Ads data and LinkedIn Ads data - you need two licenses, one for each Data Source (LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads)

If you have two BigQuery projects and want transfer Facebook Ads data to both projects - you need two licenses for Facebook Ads connector (one per Project) and the licenses must be assigned to different teams.

More information on pricing here:

If you have any additional questions about what licenses you need for your situation or pricing, please contact

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