Facebook Ads Updates April 2019

2019-04-01 - a new metric has been added:

  • Unique landing page views


New metrics have been added:

OFFLINE (Actions)

  • Offline adds of payment info
  • Offline adds to cart
  • Offline adds to wishlist
  • Offline registrations completed
  • Offline checkouts initiated
  • Offline searches
  • Offline content views


  • Offline adds of payment info conversion value
  • Offline adds to cart conversion value
  • Offline adds to wishlist conversion value
  • Offline registrations completed conversion value
  • Offline checkouts initiated conversion value
  • Offline leads conversion value
  • Offline other conversion value
  • Offline purchases conversion value
  • Offline searches conversion value
  • Offline content views conversion value

The following fields have been marked as Deprecated with the text "(deprecated)" appended to a field's name. The fields will work as before until the 13th of May, 2019. After that the fields will return empty (NULL) values for all queries. Please check and update your queries if you are using any of these (most have current versions that replaced these).

  • Mobile app actions (deprecated)
  • Website conversions (deprecated)
  • Website adds to cart (conversion tracking pixel) (deprecated)
  • Website checkouts initiated (conversion tracking pixel) (deprecated)
  • Website key page views (conversion tracking pixel) (deprecated)
  • Website leads (conversion tracking pixel) (deprecated)
  • Other website conversions (deprecated)
  • Website registrations (conversion tracking pixel) (deprecated)
  • Website conversion rate (deprecated)
  • Cost per website add to cart (conversion tracking pixel) (deprecated)
  • Cost per website conversion (deprecated)
  • Cost per mobile app action (deprecated)
  • Cost per website checkout initiated (conversion tracking pixel) (deprecated)
  • Cost per website key page view (conversion tracking pixel) (deprecated)
  • Cost per website lead (conversion tracking pixel) (deprecated)
  • Cost per other website conversion (deprecated)
  • Cost per website registration (conversion tracking pixel) (deprecated)

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