It seems you tried to log in with a Google Account that does not have Google Display & Video 360 enabled

This article is for the error:

It seems you tried to log in with a user that does not have Google Display & Video 360 enabled. Please try again with another user account.

There's two different causes for this error:

#1 - User Does Not Have Permissions to Google Display & Video 360:

In this case, the error means that your Google account has not been properly set up to access Bid Manager. Please check with your DV360 System Administrator to make sure the account you are using has the correct permissions to access this. See also General Data Source Access Requirements for more information on what is required for your account.

Note: Campaign Manager and Bid Manager are still separate APIs and may require different permissions to access. Make sure you are using the correct connector and have permissions to that specific part of DV360 for your account.

If your administrator confirms that you have the proper access, check cause #2 below as that may be the issue instead.

#2 - Account Has No Line Items:

In this case, the error appears if there are no line items available. Due to how the API is configured we have to use the line items to look up the accounts, so if the account has no line items, we cannot complete the request and the login fails. The error should go away once the account has a line item available.

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