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Facebook Ads Metrics Deprecation in April

Facebook Ads API will be deprecating the following fields on April 30, 2019 in their UI interface and they will be removed in the v3.3 of the Marketing API:

  • Offers saved
  • Cost per offers saved
  • Relevance score
  • Messaging replies
  • Cost per messaging reply
  • Mobile App ROAS
  • Web Purchase ROAS

We will mark the above items as (deprecated) in Supermetrics when we migrate to API version 3.3 later in the year (actual timeframe TBD). So the fields will not be removed immediately from Supermetrics, but you should plan ahead to remove or replace them in your reporting in preparation for their eventual removal.

Facebook has given replacement metrics to use instead, which are outlined in detail in this article - we will add the replacement metrics into our system if they do not exist already:

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