How to Copy Queries for Excel

You can copy queries to re-use them in the same file or even different files. Below are two different methods you can use to do this properly.

Method #1: Duplicate Query Action

This method only works within the same worksheet. If you want to copy across files, see Method #2 below.

  1. In your Excel worksheet, open the sidebar (Data->Show Supermetrics).
  2. Place your cursor on the data for the query you wish to copy.
  3. This should cause the sidebar to load the query data.
  4. Click the Duplicate button, which will load the query details in the sidebar as a new query.

    Orange arrow pointing to the "Duplicate" button in the query options shown in the sidebar

  5. Modify the query, if required.
  6. Place the cursor into an empty cell that will be the starting point for the copy. Make sure it's an empty cell with enough room around it that will not overwrite other data in the sheet.
  7. Click Get Data to create the new query and pull the data.

    Showing new query with copied details in the sidebar, with option to "Get data"

Method #2 : Manual Copy

This method works both for making copies in the same worksheet or for copying queries into a new worksheet.

  1. In your Excel worksheet, open the SupermetricsQueries tab. This is the saved configuration of all the queries in the file.
  2. Find the row that is the query you want to make a copy of.
  3. Highlight the full row and copy it.

    Orange box highlights copy setting for row 18 of the SupermetricsQueries tab

  4. Paste the row into the next available row in the configuration in the destination worksheet (so would be row 20 in the example images).
  5. Delete value in the following cells for the just copied query: Query ID, Sheet name, Range address.

    Orange box showing that the Query ID, Sheet name, and Range address fields are empty in row 20 for the copied query

  6. Scroll to the far right and find the second Range address (static) column. Update the value in the copied row to the place in the file you want the query to exist in, both the sheet name and the range.

    Orange box highlights the updated Range address (static) field for where the new query will be added in the file

  7. If you have any other adjustments to make to the query, you can do that as well in the appropriate columns. You can also wait until it's created in the next step and then can modify it in the sidebar as normal.
  8. Then in the sidebar, open the menu in the top left and select Refresh all to have the copied query's data added in the range address location given. It should also have a new unique query ID given.

    Orange arrow points to main menu in the sidebar, located in the upper left side.

  9. Check that the data for the copied row refreshed into the correct placement in the sheet (if not, you can adjust the range address again and refresh it to move it).

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