Criteo Updates Feb. 2019


The Criteo connector had been updated to use the REST API instead of the deprecated SOAP API. There may be differences in field availability and naming as it's a different API. 

The updated field list can be found under, and the known changes are listed below.

Deprecated Dimensions:

  • Selected category

Deprecated Metrics:

  • Impression win
  • Campaign remaining days

New Dimensions:

  • Campaign type
  • Budget type

New Metrics:

  • Post-click sales
  • Post-view sales
  • Non-deduplicated post-click sales
  • Non-deduplicated post-view sales
  • All post-click sales
  • Same device post-click sales
  • Post-click revenue generated
  • Post-view revenue generated
  • Revenue generated post-click + post-view
  • Non-deduplicated post-click revenue generated
  • Non-deduplicated post-view revenue generated
  • Cost per post-view order
  • Cost per order post-click + post-view
  • Exposed users
  • Audience
  • Reach
  • Average cart
  • Effective cost per click
  • Effective cost of post-view sales
  • Effective cost of post-click + post-view sales
  • Return on advertising spending
  • Advertiser value
  • Cost of advertiser value

Some field names have been changed to use the current names in Criteo. If a field is missing that is not listed above, check if it has a new name.

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