Enabling Enhanced Scheduled Refreshing (Backend Triggers)

This guide covers how to enable and disable the enhanced scheduled refresh feature (also called backend triggers). This system works for most query configurations and also now supports both standard- and email-type triggers.

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Before You Begin

This option only appears if you have been whitelisted for the feature by the Supermetrics Support team and have a paid license. If you would like to try this new system for your triggers, please submit a support request to request access - include your license user ID and if you need email-triggers enabled or just the standard.

The access is granted per Google Sheets license, so if you have multiple licenses or change licenses, you may need to re-enable the setting.

Enabling Enhanced Scheduled Refreshing

1. Login to https://team.supermetrics.com/ with the Owner user account for the Sheets license.

2. Navigate to the Licences tab.

3. Find your active Supermetrics for Google Sheets in the Paid list.

  • Note - If you cannot find your license, it may be assigned to another team. The current team is listed above the licences and in the top right corner, where you can Switch team.

4. Click Manage.

5. Click the Advanced tab to expand the settings.

  • The Advanced tab is only visible with Google Sheets paid licence. It will not show if you have a demo licence or a Data Studio paid licence.

6. Find the Authorization section, and click on the Authorize button.

Blue arrow pointing to the "Authorize" button which will start the process to enable the backend trigger system for this license.

7. This will then bring up the dialog to log into Google with your license account.

8. It will then ask you to accept some additional access permissions required for the backend trigger system to work. Click Allow to continue.

9. The process will take you back to the settings for the license and it should now list the date and user who authorized this setting.

Blue box highlighting the setting is enabled with the presence of the authorize date and authorized by listing.

10. Your triggers can now use the enhanced scheduled refresh feature! No additional changes to your trigger settings should be required to work with this.

Disabling Enhanced Scheduled Refreshing

1. Login to https://team.supermetrics.com/ with the user account for the Sheets license.

2. Navigate to the LICENSES tab.

3. Find your current Supermetrics for Google Sheets license in the list.

4. Click Manage.

5. Click the Advanced tab to expand the settings.

6. Click the Revoke link to remove the authorization.

Blue arrow points to the "Revoke" button, which will remove authorization to use the backend system

7. Your triggers will revert to using the standard trigger system.

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