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Google Ad Manager/DFP v201811 Deprecation - Update

Some users have been getting warnings that Supermetrics is using a deprecated version of the Google Ad Manager API (specifically v201811). This is nothing to worry about. We are upgrading to API version v201902 on 2019-11-25.

Due to changes in the API, we have deprecated the following fields on November 25th, and we advise you to switch to their AdSense replacements in your reporting, as these fields will no longer return data:

Field to be DeprecatedReplace with...
Dynamic allocation clicksAdSense clicks
Dynamic allocation clicks %
AdSense clicks (%)
Dynamic allocation CTR
AdSense CTR
Dynamic allocation eCPM
AdSense average eCPM
Dynamic allocation impressions
AdSense impression
Dynamic allocation impressions %
AdSense impressions (%)
Dynamic allocation revenue
AdSense revenue
Total dynamic allocation revenue %
AdSense revenue with CPD (%)
Total dynamic allocation revenue % (without CPD)
AdSense revenue without CPD (%)
Buyer ID
No replacement, please remove
No replacement, please remove

We also added "Ad connector"- and "Programmatic"-related fields as part of the update. For the full list of what fields were added, please see here.

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