How to Get Cost Per Conversion for Facebook Custom Conversions (Data Studio)

This article only applies to Data Studio and assumes you have already set up the custom conversion data blend as described here: How to Query for Facebook Ads Custom Conversions

For other Supermetrics tools, there's nothing special required. You just need to create custom column next to the data with a formula that takes the "Amount spent" value and divide it by the "Actions" value.

Contrary to the current Google documentation for Data Blending, you can actually make custom calculated fields from the parts of the blend. This is done with a "chart-specific" calculated field, and is used to create the Cost per Custom Conversion metric that doesn't natively exist.

  1. Select your report object with the data blend.
  2. You must have both the "Actions" field and the "Amount Spent" field within the blend to do these next steps. If you don't have those in the blend, please add them like in the example setup.
  3. Click the Add metricoption in the "Metric" list.

    Orange arrow pointing to the "Add metric" option in the Metric list

  4. Click CREATE FIELDat the bottom.

    Orange arrow pointing to "Create field" option in field list.

    • If the option to CREATE FIELD is greyed out: Edit the base Facebook Ads data source being used in the data blend to enable field editing.
  5. In the pop-up dialog, give your field a meaningful name and add the formula: Amount spent/Actions

    This will be the "Amount spent" from second data source in the blend and the "Actions" will be from the first data source in the blend.

    Note - if you changed the field names, use the appropriate fields to create the same basic formula.

  6. You can change the data type and/or display format of the value if you want - this is optional.

    Custom field with calculation for cost per conversion

  7. Click APPLY to save the field.
  8. You now have a Cost Per Conversion field that works with your custom conversion action values.

Known Issues/Caveats

If using more than one campaign ID/data involves multiple campaigns, you may have to use a slightly modified query to make this work: SUM(Amount Spent)/SUM(Actions)

Example calculated field that works with multiple campaigns to fix discrepancies

Because of how Data Studio aggregates the values, if you use the standard formula above it may introduce slight discrepancies. This should fix those and return the right value.

Because the data blend uses a filter, there are chances that due to how Data Studio behaves with filters that some of the data may be slightly off. This will mostly be seen with scorecards and summary totals than with tables with separate rows.

The custom calculated field is ONLY AVAILABLE in that report object - that is because it's a chart-specific calculated field. If you want to use the same setup in another report element, you have to create the custom field again in that chart/table/graph directly. There is no way to do this as a global field.

You cannot create a global "Cost per Conversion" calculated metric in the base data source and use it in the blend. It will be wrong.

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