Public Data Connectors Updates Dec. 2018


Major changes have been made to the Sheets Add-on version of the Public Data connectors (also called Simple Connectors).

These Simple Connectors have been removed:

  • Google Trends
  • LinkedIn Public Data
  • Apple App Store & iTunes
  • Instagram Public Data (still in the list, but disabled with error message to use Instagram Insights instead)

New report types for some connectors:

  • Vimeo Public Data - Now has 'Vimeo Users' and 'Vimeo uploaded videos' reports
  • VKontakte Public Data - Now has ' User data' report

Several fields added to connectors. Metrics and Dimensions have now been properly split into  separate sections of the sidebar.

Sheets report types now match the Data Studio versions.

Old Public Data queries have been updated to match new version in Sheets.

Enabled translatable fields for all Public Data connectors in Sheets.

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