Changing User Roles in Team Management

This guide will show you how to change a user role in Team Management.

An overview of the roles:

  • Owner - Has full rights to manage the team, the licenses, and billing. Can merge teams.
  • Admin - Has rights to manage the team, edit licenses, and can see some billing information but may not be able to edit it.
  • Editor - Can only view licenses and team membership. Cannot see billing, cannot interact with licenses, cannot manage the team in any way.

NOTE: The team role has no effect on what the user can do in Data Studio or other products. This is only for Team Management itself.

IMPORTANT: If you currently have the Editor role, you will not be able to perform these actions. Please ask one of your teammates with Admin or Owner roles to do this for you.

  1. Log into Team Management with your license User ID.
  2. Verify you are currently set to the correct team but checking the upper-right. If the wrong team is selected, you can use the Switch team button to pick the correct one.

  3. Go to the TEAM tab.
  4. Click on the team member you wish to change the role of to expand it.
  5. Click EDIT to open the member pop-up.
  6. Under Team role, select the new role for that user.
  7. Click OK to save the change.
  8. The change should take affect right away, but it may be necessary for the updated user to log out and back into the team site again.

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