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Unable to See Instagram Account After Logging In

There is a known issue with the Instagram Insights connector that some users will not be able to see their Instagram business account as an option after successfully logging in to the connector. This is caused by an issue within Instagram/Facebook itself and can sometimes be resolved with the following steps to switch the account between a personal account and a business account:

Note that you cannot use personal accounts with connector - it must be a Instagram Business Account. Also note that the account must be linked to a Facebook page and this linking must be done prior to you attempting to authenticate with our connectors to Instagram.

  1. Log into Facebook with the account that was used to authorize the Instagram connector.
  2. Click on the arrow icon in the upper-right of the UI and select Settings from the drop-down.

    Red arrow pointing to the additional settings menu in Facebook and then highlighting the "settings" option in the drop-down

  3. Click on Business Integrations in the left-hand menu.
  4. In the Active section, find the "Supermetrics Connector" option.
  5. Check the box next to that and then click the Remove button.

    WARNING! - There may be two different Supermetrics integrations listed. DO NOT delete the "Supermetrics" one as this can break integrations for Facebook Insights and Facebook Ads if you are using those connectors as well.

  6. Once the "Supermetrics Connector" business integration has been removed, open the Instagram App on your phone for the next steps.
  7. Open your account setting page in the app and then select the Settings icon.

    Red arrow pointing to the "Settings" icon in the account page

  8. Under the "Business Settings" section of the menu, select the option to Switch Back to Personal Account.

    Red arrow points to menu option "Switch Back to Personal Account"

  9. Confirm the selection by clicking Switch back.
  10. WARNING! - You might lose prior insights data or not be able to access it from the API when this is done. This is due to a quirk in how the Instagram API works.
  11. Go back to the Settings and under the "Account" section of the menu, select the option to Switch to Business Profile.

    Red arrow pointing to the menu option to "Switch to Business Profile"

  12. Click continue to go through the initial information to get to the part to Connect Your Facebook Page.
  13. VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT LINK TO AN EXISTING PAGE! This will not work properly if you do and you will have to start over.
  14. Instead, click Create a Page, and go through the process to create a new page.
  15. Once the page is completed and the Instagram account is linked, go back to the Supermetrics connector.
  16. Re-authenticate the Instagram Insights data source:
  17. It should now ask for permissions for the account in a pop-up like this:

    Example permissions pop-up allowing the user to confirm Supermetrics access to their Instagram business account

  18. Click on the link to "Choose what you allow".  
  19. You should be able to see a list of accounts. Make sure the missing one is listed and has the checkbox checked next to it.

    Example permissions pop-up that shows the Instagram account is selected with a blue checkbox

  20. Click OK to accept the access request. You should now be able to select the Instagram account for your queries!

What if you still don't see the account?

We found that the above steps may have to be repeated multiple times to work. Please go through the full steps again if it failed the first time to see if it works the second time. Make sure that the following conditions are met before you try to log in to the connector again:

  • The account must be an Instagram Business Account.
  • The account must be linked to a Facebook Page (a new one if you had to go through the above process, pre-existing pages do no work with these steps).
  • The account must have the linking done BEFORE the authentication attempt is made.

Unfortunately, if this process doesn't work for you after multiple attempts, there's little we can do about it as the issue is within Instagram's API. We would advise you to contact Instagram/Facebook support or your account management with Facebook for further assistance.

Other Known Issues

As noted in the instructions, this switching process may cause some prior insights data for the account to disappear or not be accessable to the API. You may need to start collecting data from the point you did the switch as it may not be possible to get the older data. 

The account may suddenly disappear again for no reason, even if these steps worked successfully for you before. It's due to the issue in Instagram and there's nothing we can do about it. You will need to perform the steps again.

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