Unable to See Instagram Account After Logging In

The Instagram Insights data source from Supermetrics has specific requirements that must be met for an account before you can connect to it. If not all requirements are met, then the page/account will not be accessible in the page drop-down or may disappear from the list at a later time. This guide will list the requirements and give some additional information for cases where the account does not appear.

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Before You Begin/Requirements

In order to be able to connect to the Instagram account, the following conditions must be met, else Supermetrics will be unable to see the account:

  • The Instagram account must be an Instagram Business Account (may also be called a "Professional account"). It does not work with Personal or Creator accounts. (Instructions for how to change your account type)
  • The Instagram account must be linked to an active Facebook Page. (Instructions for how to do this)
    • The linked Facebook Page may need to be "claimed" before it can be properly connected - see here for how to do this.
    • A number of users have run into issues with duplicate pages - check if there are pages with the same or similar names and make sure you link the correct one that meets these conditions.
  • The Instagram account must use Facebook user authentication. It does not work with Instagram user authentication.
  • The Facebook user account you will be logging into the Supermetrics connector with must have sufficient access to the linked Facebook page. Sufficient access means in this case a valid Facebook user account with permissions sets "View Page performance" and "Create ads". Admin access ( "Admin Access - Manage Page"), while not required, will also work.
  • If the linked Facebook page is rolled into the New Page Experience, Full Access to the page is required for Instagram Insights connector to work. Find more info here.

    Example of sufficient user permissions for an Instagram-linked Facebook page:

    Orange box highlighting the page permissions "Create ads" and "View page performance", required to access Instagram Insights data

Though it is not required, it may also help to have the Instagram account and linked Facebook page connected to a Business Manager account as you can more easily manage permissions through that.

General Troubleshooting

Below are some general troubleshooting tips that may help with missing accounts for Instagram Insights. Make sure to start with the Before You Begin/Requirements section as most issues are directly related to a requirement being missed, so check all items there before proceeding.

Stale Authentication

If you have not re-authenticated the Instagram Insights connector in some time, please take the necessary steps to do so, to verify the missing account is not due to stale account list information:

If the error persists, clear your browser's cache and cookies. Use the following links to find instructions for your browser.

Apple Safari 

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Unclaimed Facebook Page

If the Facebook Page is linked but not "claimed" by the account, the API still won't see it (this is to prevent people falsely linking to known pages to get access). Please see this guide for how to claim a page. If you are unsure, checking under Settings->Business in the Mobile App should show an error for an unclaimed account.

Page Duplication

There may be duplicate versions of a page due to colleagues creating them or from Facebook automatically adding an unmanaged page when the account is converted to a business profile. If you are linking to the wrong version that you don't have rights to, it can cause the page not to appear in the product. Please double-check if there are pages with the same or similar name to confirm if you have possible duplicates and make sure the Instagram account is linked to the correct one with the proper permissions.

Working Account Suddenly Disappeared

This may be that the scope of the permissions changed, someone delinked the account, or that our (Supermetrics) app no longer has valid rights to view the pages. Walk back through the Before You Begin/Requirements section to ensure everything is still connected correctly and the user still has access.

Mismatched User Permissions/Multiple Facebook Users

There have been issues with the Facebook user changing or with multiple users being logged into the connector, that one or more of those don't have the right permissions to see all the Instagram accounts. To isolate the issue, log all users out of the connector and log in with the one you intend to use. If they cannot see the account, their permissions are probably not set correctly - go back to the Before You Begin/Requirements section to verify they meet the requirements to see the linked page.

Reset App Permissions (Last Resort)

It may be that the business integration is no longer valid or that the permissions are mismatched or missing on new accounts. This may require that the business integration is removed and then re-added via logging into the connector again. Please see How to Reset the Business Integration for Instagram for how to do this.

Engaging Support

Before contacting support, make sure you have met the requirements set in Before You Begin/Requirements for each account that is missing. One or more of these not being set correctly is the most common cause for this not to work, so please make sure the work was done to double-check your account settings.

If you are certain all requirements are met for the Instagram account and the Facebook user accessing the account, please submit a new support ticket with all the following information:

  • Provide the name of the missing Instagram account.
  • Provide the name of the Facebook page linked to the Instagram account.
  • Attach the following four screenshots from the listed locations:

    Screenshot #1 -

    Open the Instagram Mobile App.

    Click Settings -> Account -> Sharing to other apps -> Facebook --> Facebook Account Centre --> Accounts and profiles.

    Screenshot what is on this page.

    Screenshot #2 -

    Still in the Mobile App, click Settings->Business or Creator.

    Screenshot what is on this page.

    (Note if you don't see either section, the account is not a Business or a Creator Account, and does not meet the requirements. You must change the account type to Business or Creator to be able to report it through the API).

    Screenshot #3 -

    Still in the Mobile App, go to Profile->Edit Profile.

    Screenshot this information.

    Screenshot #4 -

    Open Facebook, go to Manage Page -> Settings.
    Click on "Instagram" under "Page Settings". 

    Screenshot what is on this page.

Failure to provide all four screenshots will delay the support case, so please include all of them from the start so we can investigate right away.

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