How Do I Completely Remove a Data Source from Data Studio?

In some instances, you may need to completely remove a data source from a Data Studio report to address an issue. The below instructions walk through how to do this.

Note that you must be the owner of the data source file to complete all of the steps.

  1. Open the Data Studio report you want to remove a data source from and go into EDIT mode.
  2. Click Resource->Manage added data sources.
  3. Find the data source in the list that you wish to remove and click REMOVE.

    Blue arrow points to blue text with trashcan icon to "REMOVE" the data source

  4. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the removal. Click REMOVE DATA SOURCE to proceed. This will delete it from the report, and break report elements that were using it until those are updated to a new data source.
  5. Then click ADD A DATA SOURCE to go to the connectors list.
  6. Find the data source connector in the list. Click the three dots on the card to open the options menu:

    Blue arrow pointing to three dots next to the connector name that will open the options menu

  7. Then click Revoke accessto remove the connector from your Data Studio account.

    Blue arrow pointing to the option to "Revoke access" to the connector

  8. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm you want to remove the connector. Click REMOVE to proceed. This will break any data source that was using the connector, until you select it again and re-authorize it.

    Blue arrow pointing to blue "REMOVE" button that will remove the connector from the DS account

  9. Click on Remove Anyway to confirm.

  10. Now the connector is totally removed from the report and the account.

    - Optional: To manually revoke connector access, visit Connected apps for your account, and revoke access for your community connector.
    - Optional: Find the data source file in your Drive file that you removed from the report and delete it to completely remove it. This is so you cannot accidentally use it in a report again in the future.

  11. If you wish to re-add the connector again and re-create the data source, go through the process here: Adding and authorizing Supermetrics connectors in Google Data Studio

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