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Combining Certain LinkedIn Ads Dimensions Causes Query Not to Return Data

If you combine certain dimensions for LinkedIn Ads, you may see a result like this, where some of the dimensions that work alone suddenly return no values:

Example showing the campaign name is pulled, but when the job title dimension is added, it blanks the campaign name

What happened to the campaign name, it just worked a moment ago...?

This behavior is unfortunately by design and how the LinkedIn API works. They have what they call 'pivots' for dimensions. Some of these can be mixed but most cannot be, such as campaign-related data and user/viewer demographics. For more information on this limitation and what is allowed, please see the "Query Parameters" section of

Because this is a core API restriction, there's nothing we can do to change how this works, but there are some potential workarounds.

  • If you are using Sheets or Excel, you can pull two queries, one each for the different data that works together, and then combine them into one table with standard spreadsheet functions.
  • If you are using Data Studio, you may be able to use the Data Blend feature to get around this by pulling the same data source twice into the data blend and selecting the incompatible fields separately in each 'source'. They are treated as their own query and won't hit the limitation. See Using DS Data Blending Feature With Supermetrics for more information and an example.

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