Your Query is Associated With a Supermetrics Team That You Don't Have Access To

This guide applies to the following error for Data Studio connectors and may be for any data source:

Community connector error: Your query is associated with a Supermetrics team that you don't have access to. You should edit your data source to use a team you have access to. (Supermetrics request ID: xxxxxx). If the problem persists report an issue with the connector owner.

This error is usually caused when a team originally assigned to the data source was deleted or merged out of existence, and is no longer a valid team. It may also happen if the user was removed from the team. To fix this, please re-authenticate the affected data source, which will cause it to select a valid team (or give the user the option if they belong to multiple valid teams):

How do I Re-Authenticate a Data Studio Connector?

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