Using the 'Brand Keywords' Option

There is now an option available for defining your specific brand keywords to use with the Google Search Console connector. This feature is supported in most products that support Google Search Console.  

Example of option as shown in Supermetrics for Google Sheets:

Blue box highlighting the 'brand keywords' option

Example of option as shown in Supermetrics for Data Studio:

Blue box highlighting the required query type of 'Search analytics' and the brand keyword setting

To use this feature, add your brand keywords to the text box. Multiple terms should be separated with "|". Note that for Data Studio specifically, you must define the query type as "Search analytics" to have the setting processed as part of the queries.

You can also write a regular expression by typing "regexp:" in front and then the expression. We will use these terms to distinguish branded searches from non-branded ones, when you're using the "Branded vs. non-branded search queries" dimension. If you leave this field empty, we use the domain name as the brand term.

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