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Your License is Being Used Simultaneously in X Browsers

A change has been implemented for Supermetrics for Google Sheets to start to block simultaneous usage of a specific license for more than two browser instances. The license is meant to be for a single user, so if the same license account is open in more than two browsers, you will see the following warning message in the sidebar:

Warning message for using a license in multiple browser instances

If you continue to use the license in more than two browsers for more than three days, the oldest open sidebar instance(s) will be closed with the error:

Error noting the instance has been blocked and this instance will not longer be usable.

To stop this, you will need to reduce the number of browser instances open for the license to two or less, and purchase additional licenses for your other users so they can continue to use the product.

Do note that we offer bulk discounts for when multiple licenses are purchased.

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