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Deprecated Facebook Ads Metrics 26-07-2018

Facebook has removed some metrics and dimensions from the Business Manager/Marketing API that they determined to be redundant, outdated, or hardly used. Due to this, the following fields in Supermetrics will be marked as (deprecated) in the field name and will return zero results (they will be removed completely at a later time):

  • Social reach (social_reach)
  • Social impressions (social_impressions)
  • Cost per any action (total_actions)
  • Relevance score negative feedback
  • Relevance score positive feedback
  • Social clicks (all) (social_clicks)
  • Call-to-action clicks (call_to_action_clicks)

These were technically deprecated but we have another way to get the information from the API, so they still should work:

  • People taking action (total_unique_actions)
  • People taking action rate % (total_unique_actions)
  • Action rate (%) (total_actions)
  • Actions (UNLESS using dimension Action_type with it, which still works)

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