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Facebook failed to return data for your query - Known Issue with Facebook Service

This guide applies to the following errors from Facebook Ads and Facebook Insights connectors:

  • Facebook failed to return data for your query. This is probably caused by a temporary problem in the Facebook API.
  • An unknown error occurred

The issue also may appear as only getting some of the data for a period. That the most recent content is cut off.

Since the beginning of May, there has been an uptick of these kinds of errors from our users. It has been found to be an issue on the Facebook side, owing to a transient issue due the amount of data requested and server capacity. See for the bug report. 

Facebook notes that they need to improve their API endpoint reliability but gave no timeline as to when this would be completed. We expect that performance will gradually improve over time as they address this.

As a workaround for Supermetrics queries affected by this, we ask that you generally try to make the requests smaller as that will increase the likelihood they don't hit this error:

  • Remove any unnecessary fields from your queries to simplify them.
  • Use a smaller date ranges.
  • Use fewer accounts/pages, in the query if possible.
  • If using the Sheets Add-on, there's a feature that lets you append new data to old historical data, allowing you to reduce your query size so it doesn't pull the full data set anymore - see How Do I Use the "Combine new results with old" Setting? article for how to set this up.

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